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After a year long research and looking at other hacks available on the web I found most of them are not working, fake or chance of getting banned from swagbuck.com. Thanks to Rischel who developed a unique type of hack programme which takes different approach of  hacking. you cannot say it as illegal if you use the programme once a day. $12/day is not small amount to redeem for free. you can get 1000 swagbucks every day very easily.

Warning: Please do not use this programme more than once per day. the architecture of the programme is written in such way and if you do that Swagbucks.com will be alert and cancell your account without any notification.

All you need to do that download the programme from Here. I have uploaded the file to avoid any bot works. you need to Fill some Online survey with fake details. If you want to avoid the survey and get the premium account for nominal charges of $3 for 3 days direct download signup for the site Here.

Screen shot showing how I got 1000 swagbucks  from my dummy account. The whole process will take 30 to 45 mins max and you should not use your browser during that time. when the programme finishes its job you need to refresh the browser. Reboot the system and login to swagbucks.com again. I have included do’s and Don ts in the read me file.